Cada pesadelo hilariante dos pais de trabalho-de-casa

So this is the page where you can get to know me a little better and find out what this guy Vick Strizheus is all about So there you are, in your best suit, giving to Skype video presentation on your best professional   mini site – And grateful That the people at the other end can not say that you are doing everything from the home office. After all, you have the awesome bookcase behind you, and the map on the wall. Everything is carefully designed to look like you are part of a substantial and well-oiled operation.

Suddenly, her little daughter wanders, and begins to dance around her chair, just amused. You give a mortified smile to those in video making blog , apologize and try to move it out of the shot – just like your baby wheeled into via your baby walker. And as this “this can not be happening” thought flashes through your brain, your frantic spouse comes skidding and slip into the room, grabs the kids, and pushes them out the door – get in one last time around baby walker to firmly close the Door

You are left mentally flailing around, trying to somehow pick up the pieces and come up with the sober professional presentation that has just burst to bits.

Oh, I have so much sympathy for Professor Robert Kelly, whose recent live interview on the BBC has become viral for exactly that reason. Like the other tens of millions of people working online who saw the clip, I could not stop laughing precisely because I can imagine exactly how the poor guy felt. Every person who has worked at home in the modern world has always known deep down that such a moment would haunt them – and eventually reach them.

A few years ago on the internet , I was deep in an explanation of wedding statistics with Joy Eggerichs in his popular video podcast when my friendly cat – who had somehow managed to open the door without me noticing – jumped up on my desk and paced in Front of the webcam (see minutes 19 and 20). Just a couple of weeks ago, I was doing a live video interview about my newest book, The Kindness Challenge, when my other cat, annoyed at the now closed door Try to rattle it hard enough to open it.

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